This is related to Magento more than it's related to OSC and queue handling in Magento where sameasbilling is false by default. In order to change this we need to change the behavior of this globally and as Magento does not provide the solution for us in backend we must use myqsl to change the value

Here are the simple instructions to update your Magento Commerce website to default the shipping address to match the billing address:

  • Log into your database. This may involve using an interface such as Navicat or PHPMyAdmin.
  • Open the table: “salesflatquote_address”
  • Locate the column: “sameasbilling” and modify the structure of this field
  • Change the “sameasbilling” default value to 1. (It should have been set to 0 upon installation.)

or you can execute the following query directly in your database:

ALTER TABLE sales_flat_quote_address CHANGE same_as_billing same_as_billing TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'