Housenumber feature

Idea behind this feature is: To enable separation of address data for clients who might need to store "House number" or any other part of address data in a separate required field.

  • You can enable this feature from System > Configuration > Sales > OneStepCheckout > Exclude fields > Separate address fields = YES
  • Enabling this feature will add labels and required rules to each address street field.
  • Address street fields will be rendered side by side (you can tweak the css to fit your needs).
  • You will need to localize the street field labels to fit your needs.
  • The separate address lines can be accessed from address object $addressObject->getStreet(1) and $addressObject->getStreet(2); in code level.
  • You can enable up to 4 fields from System > Configuration > Customer > Customer configuration
  • the system wide address display template that affects orders, e-mails , pdf's is defined in app/code/core/Mage/Customer/etc/config.xml file (her's a explaining tutorial:

NB: This will only mimic the field separation on OneStepCheckout page and other templates (like customer registration or data editing forms) are not affected.