Modal issues with IE 10

For OneStepCheckout versions < 4.5.*

Modal window issues with IE10

OneStepCheckout uses LivePipe javascript framework to display modal windows , unfortunately the development for this library has been discontinued and with latest browsers there can be unseen issues related to iframe shim (method to allow modal windows to be on top of form elements and flash objects) .

To fix the issues with IE10 please replace the skin/frontend/base/default/onestepcheckout/js/window.js file with following file this will fix the opacity and iframe related issues in IE10.

This fix will be bundled starting from OneStepCheckout ver 4.0.10 , current modal library will be replaced completely in ver 5.0

Additionally to that lot of our client site still use old and outdated Magento versions that bundle old prototype.js library that does not work with IE9 (anything lower than prototype.js 1.7 not supporting IE9) and IE10 and also can cause issues that are hard to spot. So it is always advised to stay on top of upgrade wave with your Magento version and also with all your 3rd party versions.