Upgrade guide

This page explains how to upgrade to OneStepCheckout version 4 (from any version). There are no major structural changes in version 4 compared to 3, with a few exceptions. '''We always recommend to perform the upgrade on a non-production website, so you can perform the upgrade and verify that the process works as expected, before making any changes to your production environment.'''

Things to consider

* Have you made any changes to the main template (checkout.phtml) ? * Have you amde any changes to the CSS file (onestepcheckout.css) ? * Are you using the "Terms and conditions" feature that we now have changed ? * New GeoIP features - [http://www.onestepcheckout.com/wiki/index.php/Usermanual#EnableGeoIP details here] * The Javascript file for OneStepCheckout has been moved from "js" to "skin" folders, to allow easier overriding

Step by step upgrade

Remember to not perform the upgrade directly in a production environment.

'''Backup your changed templates (if any)'''
If you have not copied or modified any template or layout files, skip this step. Look in your template and layout folders, to see if you have copied the "base/default" templates into your theme directories. If you have done this, please take a backup of the files, and then delete them (or rename to .bak or similar), so they are out of the way for the new files. It might also be wise to perform a diff between your customized files and the original ones (in base/default), this will make it easier for you to re-apply the changes after the upgrade.

'''Upload the new unzipped module to your Magento root directory'''
Download and unzip the latest version of OneStepCheckout 4, and then upload it directly to your Magento installation root, and choose to overwrite all existing files.

'''Refresh cache and check the frontend'''
Go to your Magento administration, and under System -> Cache Management, you choose to refresh all cache. Then, take a look at the frontend (add a product to your cart and go to checkout) to make sure it is working properly.

'''Visit admin configuration page for new features'''
Go to your administration under System -> Configuration -> OneStepCheckout, and check out the new features that are available from there.

'''Re-apply changes in template files'''
If you had any design / markup changes in the previous version, now is the time to re-apply these changes. Remember to copy layout file and template from "base/default" to your local theme directory, and make your changes. Remember to test in frontend as you go to make sure everything is working properly.

'''Your upgrade is now completed and ready for use!'''
Perform the same steps in your production environment.

Checklist after the upgrade

When you are done with the upgrade steps above, you should go through this list to make sure you utilize OneStepCheckout to the fullest.

'''If you are using GeoIP feature''', you should look into downloading the Geolitecity database, which is now supported. This lets your customer get both city and country pre-set when entering the checkout, instead of just country as it were before.

'''If you are using terms and conditions feature''', please go to the administration and read the details under "Terms and conditions". We have now added support for the built-in functionality in Magento for terms and conditions. This lets you setup multiple agreements if you prefer, and require the customer to check that he approves all of the agreements.

'''It is now possible to set defaults for City, Zip, Region and other fields''' directly from the administration.

You are done! Congratulations, you are now running OneStepCheckout 4!

As always, we are available on support@onestepcheckout.com if you have any questions or run into problems.