Comment in emails and PDFs

OneStepCheckout version 3 and later will automatically add the comment field to the order detail page in the administration interface. Previous versions must follow the old [ installation guide for versions 2.2 and below].

You can also add the customer comment to the order email, as well as generated PDF's (a bit more complicated). Here is how to add it to email templates:

Adding to email template

Open the template you want to add the comment to, either ordernew.html or ordernew_guest.html. Anywhere you want to add the comment, insert this line:

{{var order.getOnestepcheckoutCustomercomment()}}

For using this variable, please make sure you have set the setting "Merge comments to default comments collection" to NO in System>Configuration>Sales>OneStepCheckout>

Adding to PDF's

Adding the customer comment to PDF's is a bit more complicated. Our friends over at has [ written a guide on how to add comment to PDF's].

NB! If comment or feedback value does not show in Magento admin, or you have added variables to email or pdf and the value does not show:

  • check firstly Magento admin if the value displays in order detail view.
  • If not, check if field exists in database : TABLE: salesflatorder COLUMN: onestepcheckout_customercomment .
  • If field does not exist, it has not been created during installation and you need to run installation again, your Magento developer will know how to do that.